Harley-Davidson but for just a little less

Harley-Davidson but for just a little less

A genuine Harley-Davidson but for just a little less?

A genuine Harley-Davidson for people with less to spend, is that possible? Yes it is, in September this year, Harley-Davidson dealers will present the Street 750. The Street is made for Young Urban People. Harley previously only produced heavy and relatively expensive motorcycles, the Street is about to change that. This bike is ideal for city traffic, it is light, fast and highly manoeuvrable. What looks are concerned you can immediately see that it is family, and if you look closely you can see a resemblance to the 1977 XLCR Cafe Racer. The Street in fabricated in India but that does not mean that it is therefore of lower quality. Harley- Davidson warrants that each plant anywhere in the world is set to a high standard.
During the presentation of the Street on May 20 in Gent I got the chance to try out the bike through the beautiful center of Gent. A well-chosen location because this is what the bike is made for, the city. With ease you tear through the narrow streets and cobbled underground. Despite the uneven surface the Street remains stable. Along the way during some photo shoots we have a lot of attention. The new liquid-cooled Revolution X engine and the bike accellerates with great ease. The seat takes some getting used to, especially if you are normaly riding a Softail. The Street has a fairly straight sit position and high handlebars which benefits the control of the engine. The placement of the steps for my posture is slightly too high, so I get a little cramp after a while. Fortunately i am not the target audience and my son would say, your just gettting older daddy! Harley-Davidson also delivered a decent arsenal of accessories to go with the introduction of the Street. This Allows you to give the bike it’s own face and adjust it to your own taste.
I am very curious how the Street is going to do in september.


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